Why the statement blouse is sticking around


You will be familiar with the statement blouse by now, because its comeback has been in full swing for at least three years. I’ve been on board since the start and thought it might go away after six months, then a year, then another year… I wondered if it was foolish to carry on, er, curating my collection (now well into double figures, I’m afraid). But no, it’s still going strong.

The blouse trend epitomises something brilliant that has happened in fashion lately whereby whimsical, flash-in-the-pan fads have faded in favour of looks with genuine, timeless appeal.

Other trends that have stuck? Midi-dresses, blazers and chunky boots remain ‘in’ – not because some distant fashion businessman decided they should be, but because we love wearing them. The power here is in our hands – which I know might not be much of a comfort considering what still isn’t. But it does seem less and less like women are being punished for wanting comfy and effortless ways to look good, and instead we’re getting more of what works for us. About time.


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