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RAPID CITY, S.D. — Atari, Barbie, and G.I. Joe – we all had beloved toys as kids that have long been lost…but one man is on a mission to reclaim those childhood treasures – and he’s making a stop in Rapid City.

Joel Magee – known from his appearances on Pawn Stars – has spent the last twenty years traveling across America buying, selling, and collecting vintage toys and memorabilia.

Magee spent Monday and Tuesday at the Radisson Hotel in Rapid appraising and buying collectibles. He says while some cleaned out their homes during the pandemic, others started collecting.

“Really…literally by the tens of thousands we have brand new collectors and a whole new sector of this really fun new hobby – I call it – that were never there before,” Magee says.

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He says while it’s always nice to find the rare or expensive toys, it’s more about the memories they bring.

“I have, you know, again – my G.I. Joe lunch box – I have it on the shelf – I’ll never get rid of it. It’s probably only worth sixty or seventy dollars, but it’s priceless to me, because that’s like the one memory that brought everything back and got me started with what I’m doing today,” Magee adds.

If you have a toy you want Joel to take a look at, give him a call at (561) 628-1990.

For more information on the Toy Scout, click here.

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