Trucker Hats: 10 of the Best Trucker Caps for Summer 2021


There’s an old quote that’s been doing the rounds on IG stories recently, one that declares “minimalism is dead” and rallies behind the maximalist’s war cry of “long live bad taste.” It might be from a while ago, but its revival is totally befitting of a time when Y2K opulence is thriving. Hard. And like Paris Hilton or Bennifer, trucker hats are a form of early naughties-ness that have undergone a renaissance of late.

Denim, Von Dutch, and Ed Hardy have all come to worship at the church of the trucker cap — a headwear category usually defined by its mesh back and graphic-laden front. For the SS21 wardrobe, brands like Hedi Slimane’s Celine and Gucci have been putting them on the runway, while the NBA’s Jordan Clarkson has brought the masses back to Kapital’s trucker hats (pictured above).

Naturally, the rise of the trucker hat has been cemented by other famous faces. Rihanna has been returning to the look by way of vintage Esso hats while her beau Rocky has been pairing his with brave combos like the blazer and short partnership. Add that to the fact Bella Hadid has been giving graphic gaudiness on multiple vacations, and you’ve got a formula for a headwear choice that’s going nowhere fast.

With this piece of Y2K memorabilia on the mind, we picked out 10 of our favorite trucker hats that are available online right now.

Scroll for this summer’s best trucker hats.

Kapital Kountry

Kapital and its Kountry subsidiary line are well-known for the reinterpretation of uniform clothing and accessories that are everywhere in the west. Its slogan trucker caps an item of pure middle America nostalgia, and Utah Jazz and NBA star Jordan Clarkson is one name spearheading the recent revival of Kapital hats like this one.

Awake NY

Duck camo and the trucker cap combine for a product that is ultimate camping shop gear. Luckily, Awake NY slapped its logo on the front to make it decidedly less dad.


Of course, luxury brands are on board with the look — they always are. Celine goes for the effortless approach, putting its this-will-sell name to the most staple of truckers.

Louis Vuitton

LV adds its luxury stamp to the category without losing touch with the gaudy graphic origins of the trucker, applying its logo and luxe-defining monogram to the mesh. Bargain bin, this is not.

Western Hydrodynamic Research

Western Hydrodynamic Research was set up with a vision to inform people on educational topics that surround the environment and beaches of California. Who knows what that actually entails, but they make cool caps.


Avirex’s vault of iconic pieces stretches far beyond its bombers. Genuine military gear, like this cord cap, keeps people digging for the label on Grailed.


As with most things in modern fashion, you have two choices. You either go down the archive digging, thrift store-searching path. Or, you drop huge money for the world’s biggest fashion houses.


The Seoul-based We11done clearly understood the assignment when it came too making new truckers. Keep it bold, and keep it graphic at all costs.

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