This New Vintage Concierge Service Will Help You Bag Rare Chanel, Alexander McQueen &


“Vintage comes from vin, which means wine in French,” explains an impassioned Blanchet. “Vintage is the best years; it is those moments in fashion that were important; the definitive shows, the definitive pieces; a change of line, a change of cut; a pop-culture [sensation]. Vintage is always linked with a story, an emotion.” While heritage is certainly important, Blanchet is interested in why vintage is relevant today – hence Bennifer, the Y2K phenomenon giving us all the nostalgic feels – and a previously inexplicable yearning for trucker hats, mega hoop earrings and rhinestones – at the moment. The Selfridges edit – which comprises a Versace couture jungle print top, a John Galliano-era Dior patchwork denim skirt and a Britney tee – ticks off this yearning for feel-good pieces we all remember, but will hold their value after the ’00s craze passes.

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Chloé by Stella McCartney spring/summer 2001 banana motif top, £850.

“Mon Vintage is about curation; specifically, telling the stories beyond the pieces,” Blanchet continues. “I don’t sell vintage pieces, I sell a vision of fashion; a proposition that has its place alongside contemporary fashion.” She won’t spill the details of her exceptionally private service – available via word of mouth or, if you’re lucky, Instagram – because, quite simply, “it’s like giving out my tricks as a magician”. But Blanchet promises that her team of experts will treat each Selfridges request with the same veracity as one from a regular client. “Whatever you want, in 24 hours we’ll say whether we can find it or not,” she says of going “hunting” for the department store.

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Céline by Phoebe Philo spring/summer 2011 runway sample, £1,300.

As well as those Jenny from the Block-worthy pieces, there’s enough in the initial Selfridges line-up – which Blanchet’s team has been quietly “editing and editing” throughout the pandemic – to tempt shoppers to start building their own archive. A Chloé by Stella McCartney spring/summer 2001 banana motif top and some of Phoebe Philo’s classic deconstructed Céline tailoring will likely fly off the racks, and Selfridges might as well expect a bun fight for the Chanel pieces, including a couture autumn/winter 2004 brushed silver box bag with chain tassels dripping down the double C logo. Did anything not make the final line-up because it was too rare a jewel to part with? “Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis boots,” she admits. “But they were not my size”.

Shop the Selfridges X Mon Vintage by Marie Blanchet Noughties capsule from 15 August, and expect other exclusive edits to drop in the coming months.


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