The Best Young Thug Outfits of All Time


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When Young Thug wore an orange fur Ushanka and tie-dye basketball jersey in the music video for “Stoner,” the world knew he was bringing something different to the table. Within the overly masculinized world of hip-hop, Young Thug rose from the streets of Atlanta and paved his own fashion lane, breaking with the preconceived notions of what a rapper had to dress like. From wearing Uggs with hot pink skinny jeans in the music video for “The Blanguage” to wearing leather Givenchy vests in the recent music video for “Ski,” Thugger’s style is eclectic to say the least. And few rappers have ever taken the risks he has when it comes to fashion over the years. Although Young Thug isn’t the first rapper to ever wear a dress, never forget how ignorant rap heads on the internet eviscerated him for wearing them in the early 2010s. From Lil Nas X to Kid Cudi, it seems like everyone has taken notes from Thugger’s adventurous style.

To celebrate the release of his second studio album Punk this Friday, we took a look back on some of his most iconic looks over the years––from the dress he wore on the cover of Jeffery to new pieces he’s worn from his brand Spider Worldwide. Scroll down to take a look at some of Young Thug’s best outfits. —Lei Takanashi


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