The 10 Best Booths at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2021


The artist placed mechanical scales on the floor in front of the booth, but when visitors step on them, no numbers appear to display their weight, rendering them superfluous. The presentation also includes Kong’s intricate and meticulous drawings of electrical cables morphing into one another, which actually depict a single electrical cable tangled in a loop. Another work consists of a light box Kong has covered with his signature, repeating it until the surfaces turn dark in a subtle commentary on the tension between individual pursuits and the common good.

Shelly Wu, TKG+’s director, has wanted to exhibit Kong’s work on an international platform since she started working with him last year. “As you enter the space he creates, an immediate sense of solitude enfolds you,” Wu said. “I also see how his work would resonate with fair attendees, especially during this moment in the pandemic.”


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