Sara Battaglia Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Villa Bloc is a modernist house built in the 1950s by the Italian architect Vittoriano Viganó on the shores of Lake Garda in northern Italy. Sara Battaglia was drawn to its spare, rigorous lines as a contrasting backdrop to her collection’s rather dramatic style.

For Spring, Battaglia wanted to convey a feeling of joy and optimism for the future. Who doesn’t? “It’s like exhaling a breath of relief,” she said. “I wanted to represent a mix of positive emotions, like a good cocktail, a whirlwind of uplifting colors and shapes. There should be some fun and euphoria in our wardrobes.” Playing on opposites always helps to simplify the narrative; here, Battaglia used rich, textured fabrics to elevate sporty shapes and gave impactful volumes a streamlined twist. A Pucci-esque kaleidoscopic print graced an entrance-making, tentlike tunic as well as Lycra leggings worn with boxer shorts and a matching hoodie. “Even if it’s a simple sweatshirt, I’ve extended the hoodie into a cape, a bit 17th century,” she said. Other bold statements included high-waisted dark denim pants with extra-wide plissé legs and a tunic and palazzo pants in sequined fil coupe with fluffy feather trimmings. Pieces definitely not for the faint of heart.

Also new: a monogrammed logo offering in stretchy jacquard, proposed on a shirt and cropped-legging combo and on a circle-skirted, zippered, and belted coat dress in a bright azure hue. In Italian, battaglia means battle. “Using just my family name and not my first name was intended as a quite ironic take on the logo,” she explained. “I wanted to encourage fighting for fashion, for good humor, for positivity. As women, our battles never end.”


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