Red Velvet drop ‘Queendom’ music video, Reveluvs hail comeback album as ‘pinnacle of


Reveluvs rejoice because Red Velvet is finally back! The fandom was going through a dry spell ever since the whole group became inactive after ‘Psycho’ was released in 2019. While we did get sub-unit songs and solo debuts, fans missed the group creating albums together. It was a long wait before SM confirmed that Red Velvet was coming back and now the group has dropped their sixth Korean mini-album ‘Queendom’.

Along with the album, they dropped the music video for the title track ‘Queendom’ on August 16 at 5 am ET. Fans were over the moon as reality hit — the girls have made their comeback! Reveluvs couldn’t control their excitement as they trended tons of related hashtags on Twitter worldwide. Since the release of the album and the music video, all of the tracks and the members have been topping social media trends.

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Red Velvet for ‘Queendom’ (@RVsmtown/Twitter)

Red Velvet drops magical music video

Red Velvet is also trending at #1 on MelOn’s real-time search and 5-minute chart. The title track also crossed 10k likes on MelOn within 17 minutes of its release. This makes it the fastest girl group song to reach this milestone in 2021. The music video itself garnered 452k views in 25 minutes as YouTube ended up freezing it due to the sudden surge in views. The music video now has 533k views and 616k likes. 

While ‘Queendom’ is a summer release, it is quite different from the current summer bops and that is because it has Red Velvet’s signature sound and style. The music video starts with electro-punk sounds as we are taken into the magical world of ‘Queendom’. The girls sing about their world that is all sunshine and rainbows. And while there may be dark and gloomy moments, they can overcome them as long as the girls are together.

Red Velvet in ‘Queendom’ (SMTOWN/YouTube)

Dressed in preppy outfits in a Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland concept, the girls show Yeri around their institution. Using wands and spells, they run a delivery system. With a catchy hook, Red Velvet show off their dancing skills thanks to the fun choreography that is juxtaposed with fantastical scenes of them in a flying car and a spaceship. The bridge gives us a break from the upbeat melody. Wendy hits the high notes and is definitely the highlight of this segment before we dive back into the last chorus.

The ‘Queendom’ album is also the second most preordered album by a female K-pop act on KTown4U with 147k sales. Additionally, it is now a gold-certified album on the Chinese chart, QQ Music as the digital sales crossed 250k sales in 9 minutes of the release. A fanbase believes it might just be 6 minutes and not even 9 minutes which is even more impressive. And in 27 minutes, it has already got 2x gold status as sales crossed 500k copies according to QQ Music. It topped the Bugs chart and entered the top 10 in MelOn and Genie. It is also #1 on iTunes in 18 countries.

Watch the music video below.


‘It’s amazing’

Fans couldn’t help but draw parallels with ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ due to the pastel pink delivery packages and sets. Another posted, “Getting to listen to the iconic Red Velvet harmonization in new songs.” One posted, “Queendom…this song is so immaculate, the pinnacle of kpop, as expected of our queens Red Velvet.” Another fan pointed out, “Omg it’s amazing. It sounds like one of those Red Velvet b-sides you wish had been the title track, but this time it actually is.”


They also found Yeri’s character adorable, “Yk what lil yeri potter i like u.” Irene’s rap caught everyone’s eye, “She absolutely devoured this comeback.” One fan loved Joy’s look, “PARK SOOYOUNG FROM RED VELVET EVERYONE.” A Wendy stan couldn’t get over her high note in the bridge. Then we had Seulgi wowing everyone with her presence, “Center seulgi plus her overflowing visual.”

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