Orlando Pirates star Linda Mntambo: the artsy Buccaneer


From dungarees, corduroys, Grasshoppers, durags, to blonde-dyed hair, Orlando Pirates’ Linda Mntambo is a strong contender for being the DStv Premiership’s ultimate cool guy! 

It seems as Mntambo is somewhat in a league of his own when it comes to modern hippy style trends, as it appears that he is unmatched when it comes to fully embody the looks of a free spirit. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see Linda Mntambo’s distinguished style 

His bohemian-esque style is eye-catching, to say the least, and on countless occasions, he has come to surprise many with his outfits because it is rather unexpected coming from a professional athlete – as his personal style resembles that of an artist! 

While is difficult to subjectively decide who would take the award for the most stylish in the DStv Premiership due to the relative nature of fashion, we can put forward the idea that Mntambo is one of the top contenders alongside Keegan Buchanan, Vincent Pule, and potentially Wayde Jooste. 

The 32-year-old’s vibrant take on personal style demonstrates a poise that is timeless and elegant. Mntambo’s self-expression through aesthetic choices has illustrated a side to footballers that is not spoken about enough – which is their dynamism outside the field. 

While football became prominent long before the era of social media and smartphone technology, the lifestyles of soccer players were not as coveted as it is today, therefore, it remains surprising to witness how soccer players express themselves beyond the pitch like we see today. 

How many of you can honestly say which stars were the ‘swaggiest’ during the heydays of Jomo Sono, Doctor Khumalo, or even Benni McCarthy?  

Your thought, please? 

How impressed are you by the Orlando Pirates’ star’s outfits? 


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