Meet Lutz Million, a designer introducing classic street fashion wear in Rwanda


24-year-old Deodactus Amini, also known as Lutz Million on different social media platforms, has always dreamed of introducing classic street fashion wear in Rwanda, a new form of style in Rwanda’s fashion Industry.

Born and raised in Rwanda, Amini started his career in fashion as a model in 2015, where he worked for different agencies, before becoming a content creator for different artists in Rwanda. Although he became successful with his creativity, he later discovered that his passion lies in fashion design.


“I define fashion as a small thing different from what I do and what someone else does,” he said.


Amini says the thought of becoming a fashion designer came about when he was still a model. He always had fashion ideas that one could wear and look stunning, but he didn’t have the means to do that. 


“In Rwanda, we don’t do colors, we always think a classic costume only black,” said Amini 

He added that he want to introduce different colors in Rwanda and enlighten people on what is a real classic look. 

In 2018, Amini began designing costume notions for men, and in 2019-20, he began doing mockups of costumes, and in 2020, he officially began working as a fashion designer with his own company, Urutozi Gakondo, producing hoodies, T-shirts, shirts, and certain costumes in a variety of colors.

When asked about the meaning of the brand name, Amini explained that Urutozi, which means ant, is a type of little insect that, no matter how small, never gives up and always works together. Its way of life influenced him.

After creating Urutozi Gakondo, Amini began to attract clients and grow at a rapid rate, despite just getting started.

“I am now making unisex costumes, which are costumes that both men and women can wear,” Amini said. 

When asked about the problems he faces in the fashion industry, Amini stated that many people do not quite understand fashion.

“A lot of people don’t understand the meaning of your style; they don’t understand your capacity or finances,” Amini said.

He went on to say that fashion designers have duplication issues as well. Many people take advantage of a rising fashion designer and try to steal the brand and use it under their name.

“Someone was producing more of my goods than I was and selling it under my name,” Amini said. He went on to say that this inspired him to contemplate on what else he could produce that no one else could, and that’s when the idea of classic street fashion wear came to him.

Amini wants to be a renowned fashion designer in Rwanda before he can move globally, but only after Rwandans have admired his work.

Amini, a level 2 public administration and local governance student at the University of Kigali, is not only a fashion designer but also works in construction as a safety supervisor in Mass building.


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