Jade Jagger: ‘If you can’t accept your changing body, you’re deluded’


Jagger last year with her daughter Assisi, granddaughters Ezra (now six) and Romy (now two), and her son Ray (now seven)

So how did lockdown affect a woman who usually lives life to the full? I ask if she found it hard to be grounded. 

“Hey, I wasn’t that grounded,” she replies. “I’m too much of a gypsy. I understand how to duck and dive out of everything – I’ve been surfing this world for a long time and I could smell the sense of panic, so I rushed to India to grab stones to make jewellery as quick as I could with my son under my arm, then I legged it to the other side of the world to hide underneath a rock in the Caribbean. But that’s how I know how to live. And I guess that’s a lucky thing.”

The pandemic did slow her though, and while many of us were feeling less inspired, it had a positive effect on her style. “It gave me a chance to breathe,” she admits. “Lockdown got me back into clothes. Instead of having no time in my life to dress up, I had more time to try things on, see what fitted, see what I could accept myself in. Try a different belt on. Even get back into all my heels. I found myself again a little bit because I wasn’t in such a rush. And I found a bit more love for myself. And yeah, HRT perhaps made me happier.”

She still keeps the clothes she wore 20 years ago, even though she knows she’ll probably never wear them again. “They’re so high up that I don’t get to look at them and try them on,” she says. “And when I do, I know that I need a good few more centimetres to get my ribs back in.” Not that she plans to even try. 

“I think that I always knew that my body was going to change. If you don’t accept it, you’re deluded. To expect to lose four sizes is unreasonable. And to expect to stay there after having three kids and three grandchildren is stupid when you can just look beautiful in something that fits you properly.”

Jagger is known as ‘Naughty Nana’ to those grandchildren (Assisi is mother to daughters Ezra, six, and Romy, two; Amba is mother to River, who turns two next month). “I hope that I am the best combination of strict and free,” she says. “There are so many children and siblings around me that my tolerance isn’t as high as it should be. I’m the one trying to make them all go to bed early.”


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