Get your closet ready for summer with Houston’s coolest fashionistas


We’ve successfully made it through a tough year, and this summer we’re celebrating — outside, of course.

But summer in Houston means more heat and more humidity — so how does one prepare for Houston’s (arguably) most intense season?

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While we’re in our spring cleaning phases with summer around the corner, Houston stylists have some tips for looking your best.

1. Frankie Bleau, Digital Creator & Luxury Stylist

Style pro tip: For the men, Bleau recommends shedding the winter layers. 

“Accessorize! Layer those chains, stack those rings, experiment with some bracelets and watches, play with different prints on shorts,” Bleau explains. 

Above all else, Bleau says that the guys should steer clear of the “too small and too tight” white tee shirts. “My homegirls be talking about y’all,”he jokes.

For the ladies, the theme this summer is to simply have fun.

“The details are what matters in these seasons. The jewelry, the nail and toe colors/designs, hairstyles, make-up… it all counts! Summer puts everything on display so let’s give the cameras something to see. Oversized T-shirt dresses and funky sneakers, monochromatic two-piece sets, cut-out one-piece dresses, and fitted jumpsuits — they do wonders for any body type,” Bleau says. 

2. Cash McIntosh, Creative & Fashion Designer

Style pro tip: The stylist and creative tells Chron to keep it fly this summer.

“Fellas, it’s imperative we look cool, but also stay cool this summer. Pieces like silk bowling tops, bucket hats and sunglasses with polarized lenses are the way to go this summer,” McIntosh says. “Silk bowling shirts will give your fit the luxurious pop you need to stand out, but also keep you cool.”

He also mentions that “Shorts that go above the knee and Suicoke slides are also ways to keep it fresh.”

McIntosh recommends wearing bright colors “because they reflect light, as opposed to dark colors that absorb heat.”

3. Devon Harvey, Fashion Influencer

Syle pro tip: Harvey says for summer in Houston, don’t overthink it — simplicity is key. 

“Don’t put too much thought into dressing up, as it gets hot as hell in Houston,” Harvey jokes. “The more simple, the better.”

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4. Lauren Ashley Ward, Wardrobe Curator & E-Commerce Model

Style pro tip: Always stepping out of the house snatched, Ward offers her secret weapon to keeping your face in place in Houston’s humidity. 

“Houston is about to experience one of the hottest summers yet! Some days I’m on set shooting for nine hours outside, so naturally, you can imagine the discomfort of modeling in 100-degree index weather with a full glam face,” Ward explains. “I’ve found a lifesaver, BLOTTING PAPER. Blotting paper is a magic little sheet of paper that absorbs oil on your face but leaves the makeup! Every fly fashionista understands the importance of being fresh! This beauty hack is a must-have in your clutch this summer.”

5. Tai Bowen, Fashion Designer, Owner of White Flag Clothing

Style pro tip: One of Houston’s hottest moms is keeping it comfy and feminine for the summer months. Bowen says less is always more, especially in Houston weather. For the ladies, Bowen recommends “light chiffon fabric” this summer.


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