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Putting together an outfit, especially when trying to look stylish and well-put-together, could be a tiresome task. However, social media platforms such as Instagram have made it easier for us to pick different style, colours and outfit inspirations whenever we feel stuck. Celebrities have become our ultimate source of style inspiration. And lucky for us, they have been diligently documenting their look-books on their Instagram handles, providing us with regular style lessons. For every fashion-forward celebrity out there, there is an Instagram account that offers a peek inside of their closets. These celebrity style accounts detail stupendous outfits from head to toe (clothes, shoes, accessories, and all), giving followers a fair idea where they can shop the looks themselves, how to mix-match and carry certain outfits with charm. We got in touch with Neha Rakheja, Founder, UrStyleCoach to curate style lessons from the Instagram accounts of Bollywood’s five most stylish celebs.

Alia Bhatt

Alia has a unique style and, she owns it like nobody else. Her style is fresh, youthful and colourful. It is the perfect mix of effortless style with elegance. The biggest style lesson to takeaway from her account is to identify what style, colour, fit and look suits you the best and then stick to it.

Malaika Arora
Malaika is often spotted wearing activewear since she dedicates a lot of time either working out in the gym, doing yoga or going for a walk. Wearing the appropriate workout wear can amplify and enhance the workout session and, Malaika Arora’s feed advocates just that. It is a style lesson that is overlooked often but has a huge impact. It is a style lesson that must be learnt.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi’s style is easy-breezy, comfortable, with a slight pinch of glam. She keeps it effortless and comfortable. If her outfit is glam, she keeps her make-up and hair minimal and vice-versa. Her style teaches you to keep it balanced and minimal because Less is more.

Varun Dhawan

Varun’s style is sporty, casual and elegant all at once. He wears what he feels most comfortable wearing. He keeps it classy and true to his personality. If there is one style lesson you can learn from Varun’s Instagram, it is to dress according to your personality. Keep it unpretentious, wear what makes you most comfortable and BE YOURSELF.

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid’s style needs no introduction. His style is as elegant and classy as it could get. He owns every look that he carries. He experiments with silhouettes while still sticking to what suits him the best. Most of the outfits he wears on the red carpet are classy yet quirky and Avant-grade. His style should inspire you to experiment and explore different styles, silhouettes, cuts and proportions to discover your unique style.


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