Fishnet, Combat Boots: How ‘Punk’ Style is Making a Comeback in 2021


Fashion trends are always able to surprise us — which keeps it interesting! We thought homewear was well established with the new normal of home offices and various lockdowns, but the health situation keeps changing and so do fashions — whether we’re seeing them on the street or our social feeds, wearing them for our virtual followers or to real live events. Now, after a summer in which color and eccentric pieces were all the range, we can expect a punk aesthetic, with fishnets and combat boots, to be in the air this fall. When it comes to fashion trends, it’s key to keep up as they can evolve at breakneck speed. We were expecting a classic back-to-school season, with a wardrobe full of timeless clothes — especially since sustainability is now a must when buying new items — and pieces that combine elegance and comfort, but we find ourselves with a punk trend in the pipeline. And we won’t deny it, we’re pretty excited about it. And it’s a trend that offers possibilities for your entire wardrobe, from checks to boots through the fishnet, or just in a few touches.

More precisely, it’s the pop-punk aesthetic that is set to make a comeback this fall, according to the global search platform Stylight.* Many of the pieces and inspirations associated with this trend have been getting more and more attention from users in the last few weeks, starting with the fishnet tights (+48% of clicks in July compared to the same period a month earlier) that were left untouched at the back of our wardrobes last fall.

But for the pop-punk aesthetic to be perfectly executed, we need the famous combat boots, which this season are showing up in a taller version that partially hides the knee (+25% of clicks). And of course, the global search platform has also noticed the beginning of a craze for plaid clothing, from pants to skirt through to dresses (+17% of clicks), and for studded belts (+14%). A trend that’s just simmer but which should increase as autumn approaches.

It remains to be seen if pop-punk can also influence the world of beauty with a boom in related hairstyles and makeup looks. If so, we should see an autumn dominated by quiffs, shaved temples, even half-mohawks, studded accessories, and, perhaps the most essential, ultra pronounced, smudged eyeliner.

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