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Lorenzo Musetti has taken the ATP Tour by storm this year with wins over stars including Diego Schwartzman, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Grigor Dimitrov. The 19-year-old begins the US Open in fifth in the ATP Race To Milan, as he tries to qualify for the Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals, which will be held in Milan from 9-13 November.

The Italian is excited to try to earn his spot in the 21-and-under season finale, and Musetti is also a fan of Milan itself.

“Milan is the city centre in Europe for fashion,” Musetti said. “It is a business, it is really technologically [advanced], investing a lot of money in future things and big events. I think Rome and Milan are the biggest cities in Italy. Rome is more historic and Milan is more the new city, the future. We are the Next Gen and the future.”

Before Musetti continues his push for Milan at Flushing Meadows — and ahead of New York Fashion Week (8-12 September) — spoke to the #NextGenATP star about his style, the legend whom he draws fashion inspiration from and more.

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How much do you like the fashion industry?
I like it. I did something with Nike, I did a photoshoot with Moncler. I like to be in the fashion world because I like to not just play tennis, but have space with everything [else I enjoy]. I like to dress a little bit differently. A lot of brands like my style, my character, so I think I am going to get into a nice situation [in fashion].

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Roger Federer. Even if he doesn’t show too much, he is one of the icons in fashion. His look is always elegant, simple but classic and elegant. I tried to copy him a little bit and I think it is working. My inspiration off the court was always Roger.

What is the one thing you would never wear?
Sandals! Never! I can wear flip-flops, but I really don’t like sandals.

What is your go-to outfit when you are out for dinner?
I keep it simple. Blue pants, [usually] long pants. Nike shoes [or] sneakers and a white t-shirt and one jacket. Really simple without so many collars, nice and easy.

Outside of tennis, is there a person whose fashion you like?
Outside of tennis, the fashion goes way too much. Maybe sometimes it is too weird and too strange, so I come back to the classic looks. I am much more [into] simple and classic [fashion].

Did You Know?
After a breakthrough performance in Rome last year, Musetti landed the Esquire Italia cover. Read more about the photoshoot and interview he did for the magazine here.


Read More:Fashion Court: Lorenzo Musetti Takes His Inspiration From This Legend… | ATP Tour