Every James Bond Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


It doesn’t always follow that the quality of the song associated with its respective James Bond”movie, is, itself, a reflection of that movie’s quality. But Madonna’s “Die Another Day” is unquestionably the worst Bond song in what can certainly be argued as the worst James Bond movie. There are so many missteps in assembling what, on paper, seem like the pieces that would make for a good outing. But its failed artsy approach and awful dancy score, among many other things, can’t be ignored. This hardly feels like a Bond movie at all. And even the worst Bond movies are enjoyable because they still feel like Bond movies. It is, in this way, “Die Another Day” fails spectacularly, as it, instead, feels like an early 2000s imitation of a Bond movie. Perhaps its greatest gift to the franchise was the fact that it so dearly necessitated a need for reinvention, which paved the way for Daniel Craig’s casting and “Casino Royale.” Though it truly is a shame Pierce Brosnan had to go out like this. That handsome devil deserved much better. (Ryan Scott)


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