Celine Homme Summer 2022 Collection ‘Cosmic Cruiser’ By Hedi Slimane Is Tailored Youthful


Hedi Slimane once again took us to the Mediterranean Sea, on the Grand Gaou Island ( Île du Grand Gaou if you speak Français) in the south of France, for Celine’s 2022 Cruise collection. Filled with professional freestyle motocross riders from FMX4EVER in the background as his masculine silhouettes strutted the runway.

A far cry designer from the last creative director Phoebe Philo, celebrities have come to embrace Slimane’s provocative design style. Lady Gaga, to Amy Adams, Claire Foy, and even- OMGoodness can we say- Natalie Portman who is usually and strictly seen in Dior, have all been seen wearing the designer on red carpets.

With many creative successes from being a photographer to being in a rock band, the born in France to a Tunisian father and Italian mother, while growing up in Paris played into his creative pursuits. Slimane isn’t the type to care what style critics think. He does his thing and that thing has been the same in almost every collection: the 70’s of tailored thin silhouettes with hits of shaggy coats, the boot cut pant, and the skinny jean. He’s a master at his sartorial signature style. But as with his last cruise collection “The Dancing Kid,” so it is with this cruise collection “Cosmic Cruiser,” that it’s so 70s, teenage or for the teenager at heart, tailored, and handsome.

This is a youthful collection for young men who just don’t give a care type of rebellion, with bold attitude and a playful fashion sense. The black blazer donned with the words “Heavenly Days” on the back with shaggy silver lettering plays into youthful attitude. Also, with Bohemian elements Slimane has created wide-legged rock pants and a rhinestone vest.

The chief designer is a champion for artisans so Celine partnered with fourteen artisans for the collection, whose artwork can be seen in the collection. Music artist Izzy Camina did the soundtrack. As Slimane is involved in all facets of his collections, even down to the single-track soundtracks that last the entirety of the show, he chose a woman to create the tunes for the men’s show. In notes from the house, “with formative years in New Jersey juxtaposed against a London based adolescence, she [Izzy Camina] currently resides in Nevada, and now the multi-hyphenate herself struggles to describe her music. “Cyberpunk Britney Spears?, she apprehensively suggests in one interview.””

This Cruise collection like his ready-to-wear collections is so Hedi. He’s a master of perfecting his design style, and while he’s consistent in what he gives to the world with his fashion creations, we can’t stop pulling up a chair with a sense of enticement to see what he drops next.


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