40 Funny Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween


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Bloody good fun

Zombies are hilarious. So are werewolves, corpses, demented serial killers, and vampires—at least according to some of the most popular movies we all love to watch on Halloween. The best funny Halloween movies keep the terror in check by adding in plenty of laughs, breaking the tension with some perfectly timed comic relief.

This list of quirky Halloween movies includes family-friendly, lighthearted Disney films, as well as artsy entries, horror classics, and scare-you-senseless thrillers on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Whether you like camp, snark, gore, sweet-natured gags, or kid-friendly creepiness, there’s a ton of options for you to enjoy. So, put down your carving knife, grab a bowl of popcorn or your favorite Halloween candy, and curl up on the couch for some spooky, silly, and slightly ridiculous fun.


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