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KL Rahul, Team India’s brilliant batter, is noted for his off-field manner. The Punjab Kings (PBKS) captain can carry off any style with ease, whether it’s relaxed, sophisticated, or basic. Former Indian cricketers have also made fashion impressions. Mohammad Azharuddin, a previous skipper, spent the majority of his career with his collar up. Likewise, Vinod Kambli, ever unpredictable, continued to experiment with his appearance, earrings and all, at moments coming up with odd results.

The majority of these characteristic declarations, on the other hand, were observed on the pitch in the 1990s. Fans can now get an up-close and intimate peek at cricketers’ off-field lifestyle thanks to the development of social media. India’s cricket-crazed population is destined to imitate the style of its favorite players.

KL Rahul is noted as one of the most fashionable cricketers amid the latest batch of Indian players. We examine KL Rahul’s individuality through his fashion choices in this article, which goes beyond the cricketer.


KL Rahul appears fully at ease while posing in trendy sunglasses with reported girlfriend and Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty. He’s dressed in a dark suit with an inner turtleneck T-shirt. A cross-chain completes the style of the fashionable cricketer. Of course, Athiya’s presence adds a touch of glitz to KL Rahul’s gruff appearance.

Even in the comfort of his own kitchen, the 29-year-old understands how to keep his snappy persona. KL Rahul is wearing cargo trousers and a patterned T-shirt in this photo, and he appears to be preoccupied with training. Even when the cricketer is not on the pitch, the yellow cap keeps him looking sporty.

Hardik Pandya, the all-rounder for Team India and the Mumbai Indians (MI), has been dubbed a “rockstar.” KL Rahul, on the other hand, has often demonstrated that good guys can rock the bold and brash appearance. He’s wearing a matching co-ord ensemble in a funky green color. He looks every bit the ‘bad boy’ with his finger rings and chains, a complete role flip from his good-guy image on the pitch.

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